My name is Brooch. Like the decorative pin ladies use on their blouses or jackets. It is pronounced like this: play file...

I am a beautiful feline, as my Mommies will tell you in heartbeat, although I do not always make it easy for Mommy and Mommi to take my picture.

I am their princess, even though my middle name is Czarina.

My mommies were in "the market" for a new cat to fill their hearts after their catson Koss passed away in late June 2012. They were sad and although not trying to replace Koss, they were always happiest when a cat or two are in the house. They looked at ads on Craigslist.  They first found my brother, Book Marquis.  He was already three years old.  He was in five other homes before the Mommies rescued him. They do not know the life he had before they took him in, but whatever had happened to him made him rather skittish. Book was brought home on July 11, 2012. He is a Maine Coon and Himalayan mix. He is cute...for a brother! After a few days, the mommies decided it might be good to get Book a brother or sister.  Well obviously they chose the smarter selection and got him me!  A sister!

I was born May 14, 2012.  Although I did not know it my Mommies lived just a street away.  When they came to see me on July 20, 2012, it was love at first sight.  I held on to Mommi and would not let go.  Mommi joked that they should call me Brooch because when Mommi let go of my rump I still held on.  Mommy said yeah, then they looked at each other and decided it was a really cute name!  They took me home that day.  They did not think I was really as old as I was.  I was rather small.  The people that they got me from had already placed me on adult food.  My new mommies did not like hearing that but kept comments to themselves.

The vet said I was as old as I was, I was just malnourished.  I weighed only 1 pound 6 ounces.  Well, my new Mommies were NOT going to let me stay that way.  They made sure I got food that was formulated for Kittens and began giving me supplements. I started gaining healthy weight soon.  I am very muscular because I am always jumping and playing, trying to get to high spots and knock things about.  It's fun.  Mommi and Mommy say I do not know what "no" is... "no" sounds un-fun, I am not interested in that!

I tend to trill and chirp a lot, this led to one of my many nicknames... Chupacabra / Chupicabra / Churpicabra -- any of those variants are often said when I am running amok.  Have you ever run amok it is AWESOME!! I like running across their bodies, including their heads if I'm lucky, while I am running like lightening through the room and house.

Oh... it has been said by the vet and a few experienced friends of the Mommies, that I am a mix of Domestic Short-hair and Russian Blue.  Pretty cool that they named me Czarina for my middle name -- it's Russian! 

Mommi plays with me a lot with my stick-toys.  I have a favorite one that used to be full and fluffy with pink feathers and ribbons and a bell.  Now it has a couple feathers on it, no more ribbons, still has a bell, but is mostly a thick white rope.

I have a grandmother that spoils me with more toys and lots of "cookies."  The Mommies call the cookies, treats and prefers to get the Whiskas brand.

Not sure how often I  will be able to post since I have to jump on one of the Mommies' computers when they are not around. Don't tell them I have this blog!  They already think I am "too smart." And when I cannot get to the computer when they aren't around, I have to hypnotize one of them and take over their typing functions...this is tricky business, but I am nothing if not resourceful to get what I want.

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  1. You such a brave little kitty! When Mum found me I was starved too, no I have big tummy and kinda wobble. But you are a brave little kitty.