Over the Bridge: Bios of Past Cats

Those who've Crossed Over the Rainbow Bridge
* Note: Most cats were adopted by the Mommies while still young themselves. IF they find notes of the exacts they will update this listing; mostly they remember a time-frame, not an actual date.  Below is the information that is currently known...

Riqui and doughnut...yum!
Name: Riqui Tiki
Pronunciation: "ricky ticky"
Known as: Riqui
Birfday: ___ ___, 1993
Gotchya: ___ ___, 1993
Crossed: ___ ___, 2000 or 2001
Mommi's baby, then adopted by Mommy.
Notes: Sorta named after the mongoose Rikki-Tikki-Tavi, only with Mommi's spelling changes.
Liked to sit on top of the cabinets... quite a feat for a fat cat.  Notorious for ripping open paper food bags (had to keep food in a Garfield plastic container). Fat kitty needed the support of a wall to bathe. When they were inside/outside cats, Riqui and Spyder would bring home the "rent" in the form of rodents and occasional birds. Often dive-bombed by local birds to express their opinion of his "skillz."
Foods: Butterscotch flavored candies, puddings, etc.; doughnuts, Sugar Daddy candy... he had a bit of a sweet tooth. 

Name: Spyder
Pronunciation: "Spider"
Known as: Spyder, Pyder, Pydy, Pyderhead
Birfday: May 17, 1998
Gotchya: November ___,1998
Crossed: November 4, 2006
Mommi's baby, then adopted by Mommy.
Notes: Named after a villain Mommi liked in one of her novels plus he had long legs and a long tail. Often asked if he could hear and see because of his all-white furs and blue eyes; he was able to hear and see purrfectly. Obsessed with shoes - the sweatier the better... tear them up, rabbit-kick them, lay on them (or in them). When they were inside/outside cats, Riqui and Spyder would bring home the "rent" in the form of rodents and occasional birds. Once brought home a snake as rent....thanks(?)
Foods: Often ate by scooping food with paws. Also preferred water fresh while running from the tap.

I am JoJo.
Name: JoJo Tep
Pronunciation: "joe-joe tehp"
Known as: JoJo, Fat Bastard, Joseph, Mommy's Little Eggplant
Birfday: September 27, 1998
Gotchya: November-ish ___, 1998
Crossed: January 20, 2008
Mommy's baby, then adopted by Mommi.
Notes: Sometimes called "Roach" because he'd slink around. Unlike Riqui, JoJo could bathe without wall-assistance. Obsessed with bathing other cats in the house too. Although submissive to both Kostmeyer and Spyder, when Koss would push too far, JoJo would always win the fight - submissive not pushover. Was the Caller of the Food, but would wait until the others were finished eating before eating himself. Even at 30 lbs he was very much a lap cat and snuggler around necks. Really only liked his Mommies... once bit Mommy to protect Mommi from Mommy tickling her --- bit Mommy on the butt :-D  Just like Riqui he liked climbing on top of the cabinets. Would often kill roaches and lay by the carcasses to prove his protecting skillz.
Foods: Loved okra (!) and oats. Given a choice between veggie, carbs and meat, he'd choose the veggie and carbs, ignoring the meat. 

Name: Kostemeyer Jaye
Pronunciation: "koss-myer jay"
Known as:Kostemeyer, Koss, Kossy, K-Man, Pumpkin
Birfday: April 1, 1996
Gotchya: June-ish ___, 1996
Crossed: June 25, 2012
Mommy's baby, then adopted by Mommi.
Notes: Named after Mickey Kostemeyer character played by Keith Szarabajka on The Equalizer (1985). Great lizard hunter. Very affectionate, loved everyone who came to the house: animal or man. Extremely laid back... referred to him as a "Surfer Dude." Hated the sound of rustling plastic bags; but loved paper. Great cuddle-er; often wanting to be held rather than petted. Although liked having his furs petted against the grain. "Blanket Monster" was the only game he liked to play.
Foods: Meat! Green Olives were his favorite - played with them like catnip, then ate them. Doritos and Cheetos were favorites as well. As stereotypical as it is for an orange cat -- he loved lasagna and pizza. :-)  One had to be careful when eating yogurt around this one... or you'd have a pushy Yogurt Muncher in your face, helping himself from your spoon! He would snub Mommi's cereal milk (Basic 4; shredded wheat, plain; Crispix, etc) for Mommy's cereal milk (Fruit Loops, Lucky Charms, Frosted Cheerios, etc)... sweeter is better!


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