Thursday, April 2, 2015

Update: Brother's Cardiologist

Book, March 2015
Well, the Mommies brought Book home with the news that essentially he is the Type 2 murmur -- right now.... Technically he has the potential to slip into heart failure which is fluid in the lungs, but we stave that off with meds.

If the mommies can get the meds in him. This will be very hard. As you recall he was 3 when the Mommies adopted him and at that time he had already been in 5 previous homes. Due to his issues of varying degrees, standard pilling procedures are next to impossible. The pills are forgiving in that the Mommies are allowed to leave them whole, place them in Pill Pockets, crush them and create a slurry, crush them and mix with food -- whatever creative way they can think of.

Last night Mommi gave Brother a dose within a Pill Pocket. I got an empty one, they are delicious! Brother turned his nose up at it - no big surprise there -- he also turns his nose up at any foods that are not 1 of his 3 flavors of the Fancy Feast Pates. He doesn't try yummy people food (which of course the doctor likes). He only likes treats that are crunchy on the outside and soft on inside. His preference though is the kibble food over the wet food. Anyways after Book would not eat his pill pocket, Mommi unwrapped it and gave me the pocket (yummers!)

Then Mommy tried to pill Book in the standard way on the kitchen counter with Mommi helping him not scoot away. Book has jaws like a steel trap. Mommy got his mouth open a little bit but then he snapped down and without meaning to he punctured Mommy's finger a little bit. She wasn't mad but she said he has a tremendous bite force. She cleaned it up after she got Book settled off the counter, without being pilled.

Even the Cardiologist said that although his meds are important and life-long thing to have to try to do -- IF after trying as many creative methods as they can, including utilizing "compound people" who can make the medicine in various flavors and treats -- for a price... even if we still cannot regularly get him medicated and we have to essentially opt out of medications -- that's okay.  We do not want to chance ruining the delicate relationship we all have with Brother. Although he has come a long way since being with us 3 years ago, he can easily take steps backwards; we don't want to traumatize him and make meds a daily horrible battle.

The Mommies are going to see about making slurries next and seeing if they can get any liquid version of it in him.

The meds should bring down his heart rate which is way way to high. Which could, if lowered, in turn slow down the thickening of his heart and the over-working of it too -- IF he can be medicated.

His tooth cleaning is scheduled for next week -- if we can get him medicated he will still be able to get that taken care of -- if not... rescheduling will likely occur... kinda depends on Book and if he will let the Mommies medicate him.

Oh, and officially the Murmur Scale -- which is based on the sound of his murmur - which in his case correlates with the severity of his murmur -- is a 4 out of 6.  Before our regular doctor was guessing it was a 3 or 4 out of the 6.

So paws crossed that we find a medicating method that works well for him.

May the catnip always be plentiful and the string never fray,
~ Brooch


  1. Good luck with the pills. I hope you can get him to take them so he can get his dental.

  2. Pilling is a toughie! Sam would NOT eat pill pockets, and would not tolerate me giving him his whole pill in ANY way.......the vet said "whatever he will eat - try smashing the pill into powder and mixing it with that" - I'd heard that many cats LOVE sweet potato baby food so I bought some and Sam ADORES IT............truly.........I smash his pill, mix a finger full of baby food into the powder and he licks it off my finger like crazy. He also was taking his pill in yogurt (which he also loved) but got tired of that - I'm sure he'll tire of the baby food too but it might be a way to get Book to eat his pill!

    Good luck
    Pam (and Sam)

    1. The Mommies like that idea -- likely won't work with Book; but might help with (gulp) me

  3. We get our meds compounded into flavored treats and liquids so that the mom doesn't hafta fight with us to take them. Good luck...we hope you can find something that will work for Book.

  4. I totally understand Book. I too cannot be pilled. So compound liquid is the best we can do if I need meds

  5. Purrs going out for Brother. Ellie gets meds every night and it has gotten easier with time. In the beginning she really put up a fight. We hope it gets better for Brother too.

    We gave you an award on our blog today.

    The Florida Furkids