Tuesday, August 26, 2014

I am a Huntress

This morning... about 4:30am I alerted Mommy to a critter. Six Legs, exoskelly, U.G.L.Y., and causes Mommy's blood to turn to ice.  We do have Orkin, so the Evil Ones that get in are sluggish.  I cornered the Beast under the Entertainment System Stand and batted him around some.  He came out and I smacked him back. Mommy got Gramdma to try to help. But the Beast would not show himself again, and so Grams went back to bed.  About 4:45am Mommy got Mommi up and she stood watch for a while. Grams got back up. After about 10-15 minutes of no-show, Mommi moved the Stand to find the Beast on its back. Twitching a single back leg in ssssssssslooooooow-mo. Grams gave Mommi her flashlight to see behind the stand, and Mommy handed her a broom and dustpan (kind with a stick attached) and then Mommi swept the Beast up into the pan and carried it outside to throw out.

Then about and hour or so later Mommy had to take Grandma into work (Mommi staying home, sick). Mommi went back to the bedroom.  Mommi was doing stuff until Mommy returned. About 5-10 minutes before Mommy got back, Mommi heard something fall -- When Mommy got back she said "Oh God!" she saw that the lightweight vacuum thing had fallen and between the cords was "there's another one!" as Mommy stated, still in the garage side of the door.  I was trying to get at it. Mommi grabbed a shoe and *CRUNCH* moved the vacuum and placed the shoe on the New Beast before I could investigate further. Then Mommi shooed me away while she got paper to scoop it up and throw it out.

So, yeah two yucky things before the sun came up this morning.  But I helped save the Mommies.  I am a Huntress.

Sorry no pictures... that would be creepy....

May the catnip always be plentiful and the string never fray,
~ Brooch


  1. you indeed are the huntress. and thanks for not showing any pictures. your description was vivid enough...