Sunday, March 30, 2014

Brother is really coming around

Book, my brother, as many of you may recall started out as a very skitterish cat when The Mommies got him 7/11/12 at three years old. He had been in 5 other homes before coming home with them as the 6th.  His progress has been slow. Being a Maine Coon and Himalayan he should be a little more playful a little more often.  From time to time, he seems to give Play a chance...

Last night, Mommi was playing Blanket Monster with me before going to bed and I was wound up with something she calls Cat Crazies.  Brother was apparently watching the Blanket Monster too... then I went on to investigate something I heard in the other room. Apparently while I was gone this happened:

Book actually played with Blanket Monster!!  For about 5-10 minutes he attacked the Unknown Terror with his paws, held it down ... until it inevitably got away only to be recaptured by him; sometimes using his mouth.  Unfortunately Mommy was busy elsewhere and Mommi wasn't close to the flashy box to take any pictures.  He played like a kitty who was never hurt in the past, it was good to hear about my Brother being able to let go and just play, without being worried he might get in trouble or get hurt.  We often play together, usually with my instigating it; but also he sometimes starts the play.

May the catnip always be plentiful and the string never fray,
~ Brooch Czarina


  1. What a very handsome brover you have. Blanket monster is so much fun. It was good you both got to play it.

  2. that's so cool. you are teaching your brother well...

    1. yes...
      teaching Brother is fun... sometimes, though, he tries my patients. ;-)

      ~Brooch Czarina