Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Update: Prozac and Me

Greetings all

The Prozac thing has come to an end. Although I thought they were tasty, I agree with The Mommies that the effects were not very good.

We have come to the conclusion that I am just a talkative cat -- in a different way than either Mommi/y ever had to deal with with a previous brother/sister.

Doctor Rich and Doctor Mary both hate to put cats on Prozac for the very reason we all hated it. They have a kitty that needs to be on it as it actually helps that kitty's Big Issue, although the Prozac makes him more affectionate and less nervous so he doesn't just pee on everything.

Before Prozac I was fearless and graceful and affectionate to the point of laying on one of the Mommies, and yes annoying....

During Prozac I was skitterish (common side effect) and not-so-graceful, and not nearly as affectionate (which made the Mommies sad -- but I didn't mean to, I just wasn't "feeling it") and annoying in a not so enjoyable way.

Post Prozac -- I am regaining my fearlessness -- Mommi commented the other day as she shook out a trash bag that I did not get all skitterish and run off! Yes point to Brooch!!!  I am regaining my gracefullness -- one cannot be prideful in their cathood without grace... and I am back to being affectionate -- sometimes to a needy degree, but the Mommies are happy that they have the affection back... my annoying self is back to an enjoyable degree -- I still cry out ... but the Mommies are trying to treat it with conversation rather than to tell me to shush.

The Mommies have taken many pictures and I've got something big that is new I want to share ... but since Mommi has to be home to have her computer open for me to work... sigh.... and she gets busy sometimes ... sigh.... what is ....sigh... a kitty to do?? ...le sigh....  (I am hoping if I "sigh" enough that Mommi might let me post regular again -- I mouse you all!!)

May the catnip always be plentiful and the string never fray,
~ Brooch Czarina


  1. Hi Brooch! So good to hear from you....I'm sure you will be much happier feeling yourself without the Prozac. I've always been a BIG TALKER and I guess it probably drives my Mom and Dad crazy sometimes but they just talk back to me and sooner or later I quiet back down. We just want attention right?? Anyway, I hope you're feeling good and happy and that you can visit your buddies in the blogosphere from time to time!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  2. Glad you are doing better without the pills. Have a great day and looking forward to those photos.

  3. I'm sorry the prozac didn't do what you were hoping it would and the side effects were so pronounced, but hopefully things will settle back quickly.

    you probably tried these, but I thought Id mention them anyway as I have had very good luck with them in the past. I used Rescue Remedy for my kitty who had a lot of anxiety. His was mostly fear based, and he long forgot what he was fearful of and simply ran all the time fearing everything.. RR gave him the courage to wait and see if he needed to be afraid of it.

    I've also used "Spirit Essences" with a lot of success as well. I use a couple of them on feral kittens. There are quite a few different ones for different issues. Those are bought online.

    1. Tails...Kittens:

      Mommi here...
      Thank you for suggestions... yeah we tried similar thing from Doc- in a treat form -- nadda for results... we figure we will let her have quite some time without meds of any form to see if she kinda regains a natural balance, then maybe we may try some of that relaxing pheromone things. :-) Will definitely remember your recommendations are on this post.