Thursday, June 6, 2013

Screaming and Prozac

Hello there, Mommy here... hijacking the baby's blog for a full update, again...

Ok, so you all know how Brooch had that nasty little infection on her legs... well it had gotten worse in February, right around the time our vacation. In fact, we actually took her to the vet on one of the first days of the vacation. Well anyway, they started her on a new med for her legs at the time and both us mommies were home along with grandma for what worked out to be 10 days in a row. With no real plans it was just us at home with a sick baby, giving her a TON of uninterrupted affection.

Problem was Mommi and Grandma had to go back to work. Shortly thereafter the screaming started. Brooch would scream (you know the one that a baby - of any species - makes to let Mama know they need something) near constantly. It took a while, but the pieces started to fall into place. When it was just me and Brooch and Book at home, Brooch would scream until I went to her, picked her up and paced with her, holding her tight and soothing her. If it was Grandma home with us, Brooch screamed less... that is, as long as Grandma's door was open or Brooch was sitting & screaming in the hall to the Mommies' room or by the door that leads into the garage (the primary door used to get in or out the house). And if both Mommies were home Brooch would sit in the area between our locations (if we happened to be in separate rooms) and scream. She was happiest if we were in the same room, but she'd still go to Grandma's door and scream. But, if we were all home, Brooch was mostly quiet.

So you can see where this is heading, I'm sure....

Technically calcium pills from "dfanton" at SXC
On May 21, 2013, I get back from my dental check up... Brooch is really screaming, but she also keeps shaking her head and rubbing her left ear, and she's running from me so I can't pick her up. I call the vet. We get into see Dr Mary. They do an ear culture and find that she has a slight bacterial infection - so we get drops. When I explain Brooch's behavior to Dr Mary she says she noticed in Brooch's file where her husband, Dr Rich, made notes about Brooch's screaming and that he suggested to try calming treats and spray first. But after nearly a month, that wasn't working, she suggested a low dosage of Prozac. She thinks that Brooch suffers from separation anxiety and maybe some mild general anxiety. (I do remember reading that Russian Blues are VERY family oriented - that get very attached to their humans and are leery of strangers. Also, it might be wise to note that Book and Brooch are very close. And though he is getting braver and more self assured because of her, she does seem to have maybe picked up a little of his skittish traits. He doesn't bully her at all though, they are both very affectionate with each other and share very well.)
So, it has been 15 days and we only missed one pill so far. She's just ending what would be the adjustment period for the new medication. So far, it seems to be helping some. She doesn't scream nearly as often. She does seem a bit jumpy, but if that continues I will talk to Dr Mary again and see if we need to pull back on the dosage. We shall see, and we will keep everyone posted.

Mommi here...

And I have to try to adjust to her, I guess, growing up.  See... after working 8-10 hrs a day, when we get home there's only a couple hrs to work with with family life -- so I'm remembering quiet vividly when she used to crawl up on me to settle in on my chest whilst I was sitting in a chair ... her letting me pick her up and just hold her for a while (now it's like she hates to be up, she immediately starts to try to get down. Where before she'd last a few minutes)  But I have to remember... she's no longer a kitten and I am not able to forge a tactile relationship with her very well because most of the day I am at work :-(  And as far as my memory knows... it seems like this "contact rejection" started near Prozac introduction - so part of me wants to blame that (it's easier than the grow up thing or my working).
May the catnip always be plentiful and the string never fray,
~ Brooch Czarina


  1. hope brooch gets over her anxiety soon...

    1. Thank you... well it's likely goina be life-long... but I definitely hope it won't be for life...


  2. Oh dear.....quite an adventure finding the right answer for poor Brooch's anxiety. It's a learning experience isn't it! Sounds like you have a good vet working on the problem though - but I know it's a worry for all of you. Hopefully SOON solved rather than later..........

    Pam and Sam

    1. It is a learning experience. We do not want this experience, but then Experience rarely asks...

      Yes Drs. Mary and Rich (owners) are excellent as is Dr. Carey, their colleague. We have seriously had to SHOP around for vets over the years. They're 22 miles away from home. There are vets within 5 mins of the house, but we've tried all of them in our area. Dr Mary et al are in the neighboring city.

      Thank you Pam and Sam


  3. Ooh, are those multivitamins? TBT gets those an takes a half a day. He doesn't wanna overdo so...