Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Poor Mommy

Mommy and Mommi came home from being out yesterday for 3.5 hours and when they came home Mommi held me and then passed me onto Mommy for more cuddles.  Nothing unusual there.  But Mommy had a bottle of water. OK nothing unusual about her having a drink.  But it didn't smell right when I was investigating it for her.

Mommy was a little teeter-tottery in her walking and Mommi and Grandma was helping her along to the bedroom.  Mommy laid down.  After a little while I came back in, walk up onto Mommi's chest and investigated.  Something isn't right.  Her smell is off. I smell her chin, her mouth.... hmmm.  I went back down to curl up between her legs as she went to sleep.

Mommi kept checking on  her and fixing things in the kitchen -- making it difficult to keep track of the two of them.  In between that Mommi was on the computer (she took off work yesterday and today). When one of my house investigations came to an end, I ran back up to Mommy, smelled her face again.  Still not right.  So I laid on her chest as she slept.  My Mommy needs protecting.  Something is not 100%.

As the day turned to afternoon and then evening, she started to smell better.  I became less worried.  But I still didn't keep her out of my sight.  And I didn't complain too much, Mommy was able to feed us on our basic schedule without a fuss. :-)

We shall see how today unfolds for Mommy.  Although so far she seems fine.


My Birthday was yesterday too.  The Mommies mostly said how I'd grown and Mommy still things I am too small -- she is used to bigger cats, Mommi says.  Mommy says she spoils us enough and is on our every whim every day to try to do something super duper special for our birthdays.  But she did print out pix of me through the last several months and my have I grown.  I am adorable!

Mommy's note:
Mommi got 5 teeth pulled yesterday (#s 3, 8, 9, 14, & 15 - she already had #s 7&8 removed and over the years 8 others have been pulled).  Most times she does not use anything but the local stuff, but for 5 teeth Doc put her under the sleep sedation (which is what happens to me EACH time I have even 1 tooth pulled because of my anxiety and low pain tolerance). Plus she can only take the antibiotic -  no pain killers since they would put her to sleep. This is the 2nd time she had ever been put under; the last time was nearly 7-10 years ago and she was practically in a coma for the day of and second day of her recovery, even vomited on the ride home.  Poor baby.  But this time no such issue on the ride home and she only slept solidly (because of the meds she was coming off of ) for a few hours.  At this point still, if you lay her down she'll quickly go back to sleep, but she isn't "forced" to because of the meds.  She is doing much better this time round.  :-)

May the catnip always be plentiful and the string never fray,
~ Brooch Czarina