Friday, February 15, 2013

Vet Visit (02-14-13) Outcome

Hi everyone, Mommy here. 

Just helping Mommi and Brooch out with the details of our doctor visit. So, when we got there Brooch was weighed and is 8.6 pounds now. She is healthy other than the issue with her leg(s). When Doc looked at her, he saw some scaly/scab like areas on her legs. They are nowhere else, so he strongly believes that his initial thought is correct. When she was in last time they noticed a slight staph infection. We assumed that with the Prednizone taking down the swelling, itch and overall irritation that she would stop her licking and the minimal infection would clear itself up. This is not the case. All the Prednizone did was mask the symptoms for a short while, and now she has a more serious (but in no way life threatening) infection. So, Doc gave her a shot of antibiotics that will work though her system for 2 weeks. It should clear up any infection remaining. He also put her back on the Prednizone - on a slightly higher dosage. This will help her with the overall irritation of the infection sight. If she will stop aggressively cleaning it, with the help of the antibiotics it should clear up completely. But she has to leave it alone to heal, he said worst case we would need to get her an E Collar. (Hopefully it will not come to that - she would be very UNhappy.... and Mommi would never stop laughing.)

Anyway, she has no urinating issues, doesn't over-groom any other area of her body and has no other major behavioral issues, plus she is less than a year old with no MAJOR traumas in her past, so Doc has ruled out a need for Prozac. Our baby is as sane as any cat-parent can ever hope their purrbaby to be.

Also, Doc has ruled out food allergies. Generally, these present with several lesions, bald spots and overall itchiness. And not restricted to one area on the back of each leg, where there was an obvious wound a month ago. (The right leg has an estimated pinky length area that is the width of her tongue and the left leg now has a small fingertip size area.) 

Overall she should be fully healed soon. If not we may need to try a different antibiotic or different treatment course, but I have COMPLETE faith in our Doc. He is a good man who cares deeply about animals. (Doc teared up and said a very short blessing for our last baby, Kostmeyer, when it came time to have him euthanized because of his liver and kidney failure.)

Cute anecdote about our visit: Brooch is very vocal in her displeasure at the doctor's office. She will hiss anytime they try to handle her or check her or give her a shot or come within arms reach of her. So far she has never lashed out, only hissed. Well, this last time was no different. Doc was trying to look at her legs and she got all hissy and he laughed at her, patted the top of her head and said, "Sorry, but I am really NOT afraid of you." We all laughed and she slunk up to my belly and tried to ignore us not taking her hiss seriously. Poor little kitty.

Brooch can tell you all about the terrifying ride to the vet ...

Oh. My. Cod!

Normally I do not mind trips to the vet.  No biggie. The mommies put me in the box to get in the car. The Mommies tie themselves to the seats (weird). Then I get to come out of the box so I can view what's going on, or else attempt to destroy the box and hurt myself.  But THIS time there was thunderbooms and rain and sticks running across the big front car window.  Scary stuff.  So I nearly gutted Mommi in a (failed) attempt to get to the back seat.   Mommy drove back into the garage.  Got Book's box (unlike mine is made of plastic and metal; mine's canvas, mesh and a zipper.) They put me in Book's Box.  It was okay for like a minute.  Then I realized I was still in a box.  I mean it was a box-box. Not a play box that turns into neat things...but a box.  A trap.  So I tried to claw my way free and freak out in the open.

The Mommies ended up pulling over on the side of the road. Then Mommi crawled to the back seat and Mommy handed me to her. Mommi found their discarded sweaters left in the car from a couple weeks ago.  Mommy started to drive again. Mommi put the sweaters over the box. I could see her.  And it was dark and I couldn't see all the scary stuff much any more.  I was okay for a while.  Then I started to freak again as I heard more big trucks, more rain, more I dunnos.

Then Mommi pulled me out of the box (phew!) and placed me on her chest with Mommy's sweater cocooned around me and tucked under her chin. One hand supported me while the other was in with me petting me.  Periodically Mommi kissed me and told me all was alright (did she not hear these scary things that weren't in the other rides?) and even sang a little bit.

Finally the longest ride to the vet ended and I was placed back in the box for the carry over into the vet's office.  Good thing too, cuz there was scary construction around! 

It was still rainy stormy when we left. So on Mommi's chest and cocooned in the same sweater I went.  Only I got brave and talked Mommi into letting me have my head poke out near the last half of the ride back home.  While we drove home Mommy put on the comforting sounds of Sirius XM's Octane channel.

P.S. I decided it's a little weird having the Mommies and Book hijacking my blog. But it is also comforting.  At least they know that I am okay.  Besides... they say that they know when I have been on the computer because they see my clawprints as I clackety-clack away on the keyboard. At least they now know for certain I do not have a Facebook account yet.

May the catnip always be plentiful and the string never fray,
~ Brooch Czarina


  1. Oh Brooch! the PTU (Prisoner Transport Unit) is the most terrible thing in the world. You have smart Mommies to make the car ride as OK as possible for you. Kudos to them--The Baby likes to ride on Our Mommy's lap, too.

    We have our paws crossed that your skin will clear up ASAP, and we giggled at your vet...he should be TERRIFIED! ha ha ha!!

  2. Sending Purrs Of Healing! We can't think of annything else...

  3. Awww poor darling! I know it's not fun, but it's necessary. We're gonna purr and pray that this shot works and the spots go away and you stop licking the fur off! Now, demand some treats, dear, because not only did you have a bad trip, but prednizone makes you hungry, right!

  4. A trip to the v.e.t is just the worst. I hope they gave you a treat or two just as a reward? So happy to hear it's nothing very serious and that you'll be fine soon. I'm sending you magical Mario healing purrs! purr purr purr purr purr purr purr purr