Monday, February 25, 2013


This feels like a Mischievous Monday...

Picture from 02-21-13 (Remember I will be having a few posts being placed late, because Mommi is lazy and doesn't take the pix off the flashy box in a timely fashion)

It's only been about forever since I have been trying to get up onto Grandma's curio cabinet.
Every time the Mommies would catch me on top of the entertainment system and as I was going across they'd take me down. Again and again this would happen. Then the other day they cleared off the majority of stuff from the top of the living room bureau we have.  While they weren't looking I took my chance and jumped to the curio! 

The Mommies saw me and didn't yell. They sighed and remembered that Russian Blues enjoy climbing up high. And since I am part RB... You can't tell us we can't go up. I am very purrsistant about it; I imagine other Russian Blues are too.

Yippee! THIS is the highest place ...yet... I have found in the house.

May the catnip always be plentiful and the string never fray,
~ Brooch Czarina


  1. Higher is always better. Have a great day. Skipper

  2. Oooh, lucky you. I'm not a Russian Blue but I always look for high places too. It's fun up there surveying the kingdom below.

  3. I'm part Russian too (Mommy thinks) and yesterday I got up on the fridge...where I'm Not Allowed. Piffle!

    XX Rupert

  4. I think all kitties like to be up high. When Miss Kitty was a babe, she got away from me outside and I spent hours looking for her. I heard her meows, but couldn't find her until I looked up the tree...We had to get the ladder! That girl...
    Purrs & Hugs

  5. OH yeah, we climb too. And we look down on efurrybody from the stairs!

  6. Hmmmmm...I am also part RB..and no way do I like high places. I have never been to the top of my cat tower and I have been here 13 months??