Monday, February 11, 2013

Bald Spot and Pro Zack

The Mommies are worried.  As I was taking the meds for my issue on my leg (post here) things were looking better, but as I was on the weening off stage and afterwards. Last "special treat" was on Feb 3. I started back again on the leg.  It seems that this hair licking off has become a habit.  I also figured the other leg should match. So I started to obsess about that.

The Mommies are going to try to get the monies together to take me back to the vet.  They're afeared that they accidentally waited to long for the first appointment and it now became a habit.  Something about Pro Zack.  What will a Zack do to me, is he so great that he really is a Pro at whatever he does?
May the catnip always be plentiful and the string never fray,
~ Brooch Czarina


  1. To the Mommies- Our Maui has to take prozac every day for his spraying issues. He's had it for nearly 3 years with no bad side effects so if it helps Brooch, you might want to consider a longer treatment...also, is there something upsetting her that might be causing the licking?
    xx Mommy Trish

  2. Mommy Trish~

    Brooch was on Prednisone. It seemed that she either got stabbed by part of the Xmas tree or she got overzealous with a bite which prompted the over-grooming. As we noticed it only AFTER we saw a bald spot - it was going on (seriously) for quite some time.

    Doc just called and is uncomfortable going straight to Prozac. Especially since she is not a year old yet, she should not have such psychological issues this young and since she shows no other issues like urinating or anything, it is not likely she needs Prozac. Could have a deeper or more serious infection, we'll put her back on Prednisone until we see him on Thursday (he kept saying he was being lazy to say Prozac first (from her last visit when she was prescribed the Prednisone) - but he will go through all the possibilities first.) But she could also have a food allergy. It could also be ringworm. It is not likely, but if it comes to it - then it might come to Prozac.

    He is a great Doc, who truly cares for the animals. He will not run us on wild goose chases, but he will be through. It may take a few months but we will figure it out.

    Mommi and Brooch are not always good at posting all the info in the initial posts concerning vets - so it may sound wonky when we talk about vet visits. This comment was mostly composed by Mommy that filled in the details. Cause Mommy does all the vet visits and calls :-)

    Sorry about any current/future confusion from Mommi / Brooch.

  3. Aw, poor kitty! Hope they can figure it out fast and that it's not too serious! purring for you!

  4. oofph, that doesn't sound good. Are you lonely maybe? Or frightened about something? We hope you get it sorted, sweetie. Our purrs to you.