Monday, January 28, 2013


Hi. Book here. I'm temporarily hi-jacking my sister's blog to tell you about something that happened to me...

Ok, so there I am just relaxing in my little blue bed when Mommy pulls out the crate. I try to get away, I do, but Mommy is fast. She puts me in the box and I don't fight too much, but I am telling her how much I DO NOT want to be in it. But is she listening, no, she's telling me that "it's alright" and "I'll be right back". Then I hear her feeding Brooch. Do you believe that!? Here I am in the box - that can only mean a new home or the vet - though I was promised by Mommy several times that she would never give me up and Mommi is always saying "we are your forever home." so that means (gasp) vet - and Mommy is feeding Sister without me.

Mommy is carrying my box, holding the bottom, so I feel more secure, and Brooch is sitting by the garage door, staring at us. "It's ok, Baby. We'll be back soon." I hear Mommy tell her as we walk into the garage. So, we get into the car and Mommy places me in the front seat, facing her - she always puts her fingers in my cage so I can rub them, isn't that nice? Then Mommy re-opens the door to the house and tells Brooch, again, that we will be back soon. Then Mommy gets in the car and open the noisy door to the big scary world and starts to back out. Then, Mommy makes the car talk and it sounds like Mommi - weird!? - but the Mommies talk and Mommy is saying that we are on our way to the vet, but that she's worried because she just realized that Brooch has never been left alone before. Mommi is trying to tell her not to worry, Brooch will probably just sleep the time away. Mommy says she's thinking of going back and bringing Brooch along with us. Now at this point, I'm thinking two things: first, if we leave Brooch behind, there may not be a home to come back to (since you read about her, I'm sure you'll agree - my sister puts the CRAZY in cat crazies) and second that I like Mommy's idea, with one little change, we bring Brooch, but I stay at home. She can have done whatever it is they are planning for me. But, by now the Mommies have decided that it will just be me and Mommy going to the vet. Bummer.

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So, on our way, there are big scary trucks and all sorts of noises and the sun is shining into my cage and Mommy is telling me that it all alright, there's no reason to be afraid, she loves me and we'll be back home soon. I think she's fibbing on that last one, we haven't even gotten to the vet yet.

So we get to the vet and they take us right in - to a room even Mommy has never been in before. Mommy and the Lady there start talking and Mommy takes me out of my box - and by that I mean Mommy takes my whole box apart - right from around me - do you believe that? And the Lady looks at me and says, "He's a boy right?" and I'm thinking "Ouch, come on. I'm the picture of masculinity." But Mommy is saying, "Yes and his name is Book." and the Lady picks me up and says, "He has such beautiful eyes." This, we already knew, of course I have beautiful eyes, all of me is beautiful.

So, I'm on this table and the Lady puts this leash around my neck and under one leg, so I don't try to run. And I'm thinking, "Don't worry. I never run. Ok, so sometimes I'll jog to get away, but run. I think not." Anyway, the Lady pets me a few times with this weird buzzing thing as Mommy kneels down and keeps petting my face. They are both cooing at me. So then it starts. The Lady tells Mommy, "it won't be pretty, we're not going to make any fashion statements". Mommy says "that's fine". Now, I'm worried. And then the Lady starts shaving off my fur. I just sit there . The Lady is praising me, "Oh, he's such a good cat." and "Usually cats won't let me do (this or that)" and "Cats usually hate when you touch their belly, and back legs." In fact, I am so good the Lady takes the leash off me all together. But, Mommy is standing there, comforting me and helping the Lady hold me where she needs me, and telling the Lady, "Yeah, he is a good boy. A little skitterish, but very laid back and totally nonaggressive. He's very sweet tempered." I'm good through all of it, even when the Lady holds me by my scruff to stand me on my back legs to shave my belly. Only when she gets to my back right leg, where I have my biggest mats and am the most uncomfortable, do I fuss, and then all I did was try to wiggle my head into Mommy's belly. They laughed and aww-ed, and Mommy petted me and said it was ok, we were almost done. And then we were. We were done and the Lady brushed over my lack of fur one last time, then cleaned my ears with some wet, smelly stuff and said I could go back in my box. Mommy put me there and re-built it around me. Then, we paid and left to go home. Even if she was the one to take me there I still nuzzled Mommy's fingers on the way home.

So, we get in the house and Mommy puts my box on the floor and opens the gate, Brooch was waiting for us and came over to see me, and just as I walk out, Brooch arches her back and hisses at me - like she didn't know who I was. Since she made fun of my fur-cut, I jogged to the bedroom and hid under the bed. I heard Mommy tell Brooch not to hiss at me, but she was smiling when she said it (no wonder they don't have human kids!). Mommy comes in the bedroom a few minutes later and I slink out from under the bed and go to the food bowl, Mommy sits on the bed to watch, as Brooch comes over to me. She's sniffing my tail, then my back leg, then she walks away - I guess she's ok with my new look after all. So, I'm done munching and jump up on the bed next to Mommy. Then Brooch jumps up. She starts sniffing me again and when gets to my ear she pulls away and makes a face the Mommies call stink-face. Mommy laughs and says, "then don't smell it" - which is what they always say. Brooch, smells again anyway, and I flick my ear and she sniffs my face and then licks it a few times. Excellent, Sister has accepted me back into the family fold.

Only one last thing to wait for: Mommi to laugh at me. I was warned. I was promised. I was laughed at the moment Mommi saw me. She was loud and she didn't care. "You look funny." That's what my Mommi said to me. And then she took a ton of flashy-box pictures. After a little while, Mommy was still calling me her "beautiful boy", Mommi was saying now I looked "ruggedly handsome" (though she kinda laughed while she said it) and Grandma said, though I looked raggedy and like I had rabbit fur, that I am still handsome.

And the final note, the best part: I actually feel better and it turns out, with this fresh start, I don't mind the brush and comb so much, now. We'll see how it is when my fur starts to grow back, but for now, it's all good.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Royal Taster

Mommi finally got her butt in gear and got the latest pix off of the flashy.

I love veggies.

Here's me trying to steal some of Mommi's Brussels Sprouts away... I didn't get far... she only let me nibble on a couple of leaves from her cuttings.  She was fixin' 'em to make 60 Second Brussels Sprouts

Then the cabbage was back!  Yea!  She was finally fixin to cut this up too.

And finally there were these beet things... the greens are delicious!!

Mommi tried to inform me I was not being a Kitchen Helper.  I tried to explain that I am a royal taster.  My middle name IS Czarina ... I am royal ... the Mommies call me Princess ... I am royal.  I like to taste things... I am a taster.  So... I am a Royal Taster.

May the catnip always be plentiful and the string never fray,
~ Brooch Czarina

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Big Head!

I helped in the kitchen again!

The Mommies brought home a HUGE head of red cabbage.  I had to investigate.

It turns out, cabbages are lovely to chew on!!  What fun!  Then the Mommies stopped laughing (and paparatsi'ing me) and set me on the floor.  When I got back to the countertop they had put the tasty cabbage head away :-(  How mean!

But then they threw down a straw for me and that as always was fun to play with!  I like to play with straws!!  Straws are PAWESOME!

It's soooo big! Or I have a dainty mouth....

Yep, a dainty mouth!

May the catnip always be plentiful and the string never fray,
~ Brooch Czarina

Sunday, January 13, 2013

It arrived

Yesterday the new Flashy Box arrived.  Mommi made a point of telling us that this was the Broochcam but that didn't mean we could touch it.  She made a lame joke about apawsable thumbs.

Thankfully she is still figuring out the settings.  So only these two pictures were what she deemed "any good."

Me.  Sitting watching out the window from the bed

Book taking a drink

And Oh. My. Cats! Does this thing pack a punch with the flash! It is a bright thing! I figure our eyeballs will crawl away before the week is out! Knowing my Mommi she'll just create little foam eyes to stick to us. Or use googlie eyes....

May the catnip always be plentiful and the string never fray,
~ Brooch Czarina

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Oh No! Flashy Box!

I just heard the news.

Mommi took on a design gig and got a $50 Amazon card for it. THEN she added that to the Amazon account cash she already had... and what she bought should arrive by this upcoming MONDAY....

 Canon Powershot A2200 14.1 MP Digital Camera with 4x Optical Zoom (Blue)
She says it'll be the Broochcam for pix on the fly since she normally uses her DSLR, or her phone, (her mac if I was silly enough to want to be around her while she was on it) Mommi wanted something that should take good pix AND movies and be small and easy to grab quickly.

Darn it!
It was so easy to know when she'd take pix, the DSLR lives in a large zippered bag.  Ziiiiip! was the first clue, unless she managed it quietly....

May the catnip always be plentiful and the string never fray,
~ Brooch Czarina

Sunday, January 6, 2013


This past Monday the Mommies spotted a sorta bald place on my back right hind leg.  They got concerned. The place matches my tongue width.  When discovered there were seemingly two puncture wounds but no hotness, swelling or redness. Mommy called the Doctor and after talking to the office lady that we like and trust, it was decided to let me continue to take care of it UNLESS it starts to change.  I dunno what I did wrong but it was a little pink when Mommy looked at it late Friday afternoon.  So yesterday I was taken to the Vet.  It was decided that my rough tongue kinda made matters worse.  The puncture wounds are not spider bites, and couldn't be Book's teeth -- his teeth are set wider apart. However it is in the realm of possibility that I hurt me when I was playing in the Xmas tree, or I might have gotten overzealous and bit me.  Doctor also spotted a flea on me.  DARN IT! But when he went to find it again to show the Mommies, he couldn't find it or more.  But it was his suggestion to put me and Book on a flea, heartworm and intestinal parasite combo - Revolution Brand.  It is a 6 month supply which means 3 months for us since Book will be on it too. Doc gave me a medicine for my itchy owie, but I haven't seen it, they must have forgotten it

Mommi was not able to take a picture of my itchy owie BEFORE I went in for the Doctor.  But she did do it today.

Here it is...
I kept moving around, you can't see it too well.

(Mommi here.. I'm sneaking in and adding why she doesn't know about the pills, LOVE THESE THINGS! After years of trying to pill cats the old fashion way including an actual pilling device, we discovered these when our Koss was on his last bit and was on medication, so at least his last months were not filled with a dreaded pilling. The above picture is when she got yesterday's 2 doses and today's 1st dose.)

May the catnip always be plentiful and the string never fray,
~ Brooch Czarina

Friday, January 4, 2013

My First Award: The Next Big Thing

The lovelies over at Katnip Lounge gave me this award! How neat is this?  I'm just bein' me and I'm little and now I am a Big Thing that is The Next in line. Or The Next to get something.  Hope it's food I likes me my food.  It gives me energy to run amok!

May the catnip always be plentiful and the string never fray,
~ Brooch Czarina

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

My Brother

My brother is Book. He is three years old. When I first met him he was really shy.  But he warmed up to me.  I LOVE to jump on his head! And I wrestle with him a lot.  Mommi has not been able to catch me with the flashy box when I attack his head...

He is part Maine Coon and part Himalayan.  He only eats two flavors of Fancy Feast. That's it, but you can't give him the same flavor twice in a row.  He turns his nose up at it! Me... I love food, I'll eat just about anything.  Have you ever had mac and cheese? or what about greens? they are PAWESOME!

The Mommies are trying to get him used to the comb... but they are having slow progress -- he does something called matting... whatever I like to scratch mats, but I don't see him making any.... oh well.

Mommi did get to lint roller him.  He wasn't 100% thrilled with it, but he didn't run away at all, like he would have if she tried to do any combing.

He also gets a lot of "goopies" or "sleepy seeds" in his eyes, I do too, mine don't last as long cause I let the Mommies touch me wherever.  When Mommy or Mommi sees a goopy that needs to go away, they have to do it quick and fast... like Ninja Mommies!

This is what my brother looks like...

Bookie adores belly rubs!

May the catnip always be plentiful and the string never fray,
~ Brooch Czarina